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Facials & Skincare

Nourish Is Proud To Be The Only DMK Certified Spa In Kansas City!

Nourish is proud to be the only DMK certified spa in Kansas City!

*Please refer to cancellation policy before scheduling a service.

Don’t forget to read about my facial enhancements*

*These services enhance your facial experience. Add on for extra relaxation and results.

DMK Skin Revision Enzyme

$ 160.00 +

Enzyme Therapy will rebuild & re-nourish the skin, while increasing cellular activity and stimulating collagen and elastin production. This will result in a more toned, firm, clear and even complexion. This is a 90 minute treatment, please allow two hours for first appointment. Our most popular service! With commitment, these treatments combined with the recommended home care, will provide remarkable results for ANY (Acne, Age Management, Hyperpigmentation, Rosacea, Prevention) skin condition or type. Introductory price of $120 expires January 1, 2019

Nourish Me Express (30 min)

$ 89.00

During this express treatment your skin will be deeply cleansed, followed by a customized exfoliating, if suitable for your skin and a masking to finish the treatment off. You will leave feeling fresh and looking glowy! *ask us about our cash discount!!* Want more? Read about our facial enhancements.

Ultra peptide hydra-facial

$ 119.00

During this 30 minute treatment, not a minute is wasted! Your skin will be introduced to a series of peptides that , depending on what your specific skin care needs are, will tone, firm, hydrate, fight problematic skin and plump loss of volume. Followed by a sheet mask that helps to effectively deliver the peptides to all of your skins hills, valleys and prematurely aging areas. You can expect accumulative results with this facial with a once a month treatment.

Mini Skin Treat

$ 60.00

This treatment targets your most pressing skin issues in just 20 minutes! They're the quick skin fix that gets you in, gets skin repaired and gets you out the door in less time than you take for a lunch break.

THE nourishing spa facial (60 minutes)

$ 129.00

60 minute customized treatment focusing on making your skin healthy and relaxing your mind. Leave feeling very relaxed, with smoother, more hydrated skin than before!! No add-ons necessary this treatment includes it all! Ask about our cash discount!!

Rejuvenating Cinnamon Treatment

$ 99.00

Increases circulation and oxygenation while feeding nutrients to the skin. Great for anybody but especially for dull skin that needs to get that glow back.

10 Minute Hydro Flash Facial

$ 30.00

Need a little R&R but short on time? This express treatment is perfect if your skin needs a hydration boost! Leave with clean skin an overnight hydrating treatment on & wake up with an extra glow! This can be added onto any service.


$ 70.00

Nourish Me Man

$ 89.00

Back Treatment

$ 99.00
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