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Brazilian wax in Overland Park, KS | Nourish Facial & Waxing Day Spa

Brazilian Wax in Overland Park, KS

Are you ready for summer? Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to smooth, silky skin with our expert Brazilian waxing. Feel confident and rock your favorite summer swim suits with flawless results. Whether you choose a full or partial Brazilian wax, we deliver amazing outcomes that leave you feeling fantastic.

Affordable Pricing, Amazing Results

Ready to go all the way with your hair removal journey? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or trying it for the first time, our Overland Park estheticians will ensure a comfortable and thorough experience.

Bikini Wax

$ 47

Not quite ready for a FULL Brazilian yet, but have a few stragglers? Try our bikini wax!

Full Brazilian Wax

$ 85

Embrace complete confidence and smoothness with our FULL Brazilian waxing!

Where To Find Us?

Nourish Facial & Waxing
7002A W 83rd St, Overland Park, KS 66204

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Experience The Nourish Difference

Feel your best and schedule your Brazilian wax in Overland Park with Nourish today.

👉 Consultation:

Our esthetician will have an initial consultation with you to understand your preferences, concerns, and any questions you may have. This allows us to customize the waxing experience to suit your needs.

👉 Clear Communication:

We communicate with you throughout the process, explaining each step and addressing any concerns you may have. This ensures that you are well-informed and aware of what to expect.

👉 Professionalism:

We perform the waxing procedure with utmost professionalism and expertise. We only use high-quality products and techniques to minimize discomfort and provide smooth and precise results.

👉 Hygiene and Cleanliness:

Maintaining a hygienic and clean environment is crucial. We follow strict hygiene protocols, using sterilized tools and clean linens for each client to ensure maximum comfort and hygiene.

Burning Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Bikini Wax vs. Brazilian Wax: What's The Difference?

A bikini wax focuses on tidying up the bikini line area, while a Brazilian wax involves the complete removal of hair from the entire bikini area, leaving you smooth and hair-free. While a bikini wax targets the visible hair around the bikini line, a Brazilian wax goes further, removing hair from the front, back, and everything in-between. The choice between the two depends on your desired level of hair removal and personal preference.

Is getting a full Brazilian wax painful?

We understand that pain tolerance varies from person to person. While some discomfort may be experienced during the process, we use techniques to minimize any potential discomfort. We always prioritize your comfort throughout the waxing session.

Brazilian wax aftercare: What are the Do's and Don'ts?

After your Brazilian wax, it’s essential to follow proper aftercare to ensure optimal results and maintain the health of your skin. Do keep the waxed area clean and moisturized, gently exfoliate after 48 hours to prevent ingrown hairs, and wear loose clothing to avoid friction.

Don’t expose the area to direct sun or tanning beds for at least 48 hours, engage in activities that cause excessive sweating, or scratch or pick at the waxed skin. By following these guidelines, you can promote healing and enjoy long-lasting smoothness.

How long does a Brazilian wax last?

The duration of a Brazilian wax session can vary depending on individual factors. On average, the process takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes. We ensure that ample time is dedicated to delivering a thorough and meticulous waxing experience for optimum results.

How often should I get a Brazilian wax?

For best results, it is generally recommended to schedule your Brazilian wax every 4 to 6 weeks. This timeframe allows the hair to grow to an adequate length for effective removal while maintaining smooth results in between sessions.

How to prepare for a Brazilian wax?

Preparing for a Brazilian wax is easy! Just let your hair grow to about ¼ inch in length, exfoliate the area a day or two before your appointment, and make sure the area is clean on the day of the wax.

If you’re worried about pain, you can take a mild pain reliever or use a numbing cream. Just relax, communicate your preferences to the esthetician, and get ready for a smooth and comfortable waxing experience.

Client Reviews: What Our Satisfied Customers Say

Don’t just take our word for it – with over 70 5 star reviews on Google, here’s what our delighted clients have to say about our Brazilian waxing services.

bikini waxing in Overland Park | Nourish Facial & Waxing Day Spa

Mandy KimbleMandy Kimble
20:34 01 Aug 23
Ashley Hannahan EdlerAshley Hannahan Edler
15:08 20 Apr 23
I’ve been using Haylan for 10 years now and she’s fantastic! She does a wonderful job and would highly recommend her!
Lety MartinezLety Martinez
02:30 19 Apr 23
Haylan, thank you so much for an amazing experience. I enjoyed my facial it was WONDERFUL!! Thank you again! See you soon
Yuri UnzagaYuri Unzaga
19:11 15 Apr 23
Heather LangoHeather Lango
23:31 14 Apr 23
Brenda StarksBrenda Starks
21:32 14 Apr 23
I’ve been going to Haylan for over 10 years! She does amazing work and uses the best products. My skin looks great because of her!
Paige MatherlyPaige Matherly
17:09 14 Apr 23
Haylan has been a fantastic find since moving to KC! She is certified in DMK services and I am always in love with how my skin feels after she is done!
Jennifer CarterJennifer Carter
13:21 14 Apr 23
From the very first appointment I had with Haylan, my acne was COMPLETELY better. I no longer had breakouts and my skin felt so smooth. Looking forward to my next appointment! Haylan is super knowledgeable about her services and products, as well as very professional with all her clients. I would recommend Haylan, hands down!
Shanna GratzerShanna Gratzer
13:19 14 Apr 23
Received a facial treatment in this beautiful, calming, peaceful atmosphere by Haylan who is professional, knowledgeable and nurturing!! Highly recommend Haylan for all your skincare spa needs!!
Stacy JohnsonStacy Johnson
17:10 07 Feb 23
Haylan did a wonderful job with my enzyme treatment and waxing. She is knowledgeable, and my skin looked great afterward. I will definitely be seeing her again.