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Haylan from Noursih Facial and Waxing Day Spa in Overland Park
Haylan from Noursih Facial and Waxing Day Spa in Overland Park

Meet Haylan

Encouraging Natural Beauty

“I wholeheartedly believe in the holistic approach and that is why I chose the name “Nourish” because it applies to the inside and out. I want you to walk out of Nourish with glowing skin and a smile across your face!”


Haylan grew up in Shawnee, Kansas with 4 siblings, 1 dog, 4 bunnies, 3 birds, and many other animals throughout her childhood. Her father was a hard working entrepreneur, while her mother and step-mother were dedicated nurses.


From a young age, Haylan recalls great memories of “spa night” sleepovers with her friends where she would concoct homemade masks from fresh produce, yogurt, honey and other yummy kitchen items. Growing up she became the go-to friend for the best beauty tips along with whole body wellness. With this evolving passion, naturally Haylan drifted towards the skincare and beauty industry; and, while observing her parents work ethic she knew one day she would create her own spa. “My spa is not just a business, it is my community. A place I connect with my clients and their wellbeing and self-esteem are top priorities. I love to laugh, have fun and build relationships.”


In the year 2000, Haylan attended Johnson County Community College, School of Esthetics and graduated with her Esthetics license.  Her education did not stop there; over the span of her almost 18 year career as an Esthetician she has attended The Conservatory of Esthetics in Chicago, IL. several times, and earned advanced training certificates, including ‘Advanced Brow Sculpting’, and ‘Makeup Artistry for Video and Photography’. 


Having a life passion for beauty and wholeness, Haylan continues to attend various conferences and trade shows throughout the country; so as  to stay up to date with the ever growing and always changing beauty industry. “I really love to help educate my clients about their skin. Every client is a puzzle and each has their own concern with their skin, and I’m really good at puzzles!”


Haylan has a solid understanding of product ingredients and is proficient in the use of upscale and up to date facial equipment.  She has comprehensive knowledge in massage techniques, (her scalp massage is out of this world).  She really is here to serve you to the best of her ability.  “I just want everyone to walk out of Nourish with their heads held a little bit higher, and knowing that they just took time for themselves and feeling great about it.” 


After hours Haylan loves being a dedicated furbaby mama and spending time at the gym, (her second home), she also loves cooking creative, healthy meals and spending time with her nieces and nephew.


Just for Fun: 

Haylans Favorite Quotes:

“Tear off your mask. Your face is glorious.” -Rumi

Mountains or Beach?- “Mountains”

Glass half empty or half full?- “with a chocolate shake? Then definitely half empty, because I drank it!”


What do others say about Haylan: 

Her Stepmom:  “Haylan is genuine, sincere and a natural woman.”

Her fiancé: “Haylan is beautiful inside and out.”

Her Friends:  “Haylan is incredibly sincere, trustworthy and she’s a hoot!”

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